Thank you for stopping by and checking out my work. If there’s one thing I would hope to leave you with today, it’s my love for making games. There is nothing quite like creating a game for the enjoyment of others. After 18 plus years in the industry, I can honestly say that I am just as excited about making games as the day I started.

I’ve been very blessed to have worked at several studios over the span of my career in various roles. Starting off with a brief stint in QA, then bouncing back and forth between environment art and world building/level design.

Although the work itself is extremely fun and rewarding, the thing I enjoy the most are the relationships I am able to build along the way. There’s nothing quite like making a game with friends, teaching, and learning as we create together toward a single goal.

Would love to connect! Feel free to contact me anytime.


EMAIL: AisforArt@gmail.com

PHONE: 816-694-7906